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Our programs

Warrior clinics and camps

1-Day Warrior clinic

One of the biggest things that we run into is a lack of personal awareness.  We are so busy and so distracted that we do not pay attention to the one person that we are with all day…OURSELVES!  This one day clinic focuses on dialing in your attention so that you can better respond physically, emotionally and spiritually which will result in greater confidence and resilience in your day-to-day lives.   

This clinic is set exclusively on the range allowing participants to experiment with the skills learned. 

Mindful Warrior Clinic (2-Days)

It doesn’t matter what you uniform you wear, we encounter some pretty crazy stuff on the road and in the field.  Some of these things we brush off, and some we may not be able to shake.  Other times, we have a hard time recognizing ourselves, but we can’t quite explain why.  All of these are very real and shared experiences by many of your brothers and sisters holding the line.  Whether you are the new boots on the ground, or you are using up the last of your leave before retirement, this clinic can help you see your world and your experiences in a different light.


Our vision + Mission

Our vision is to tap into the incredible power of peer to peer engagement and make sure that those struggling know that they are NEVER ALONE!

Our mission at is to #BREACHTHESTIMGA against mental wellness.  Together, we will help our heroes get back on course.

Junior Warrior Clinic (4-Days)

Our clinics are not just beneficial to those in uniform.  The foundation of mindfulness is beneficial to so many, including our youth.  These clinics offer age appropriate instruction and coaching, introducing the youth to the game.  It is an added bonus that they pick up skills to better manage emotions, such as, anger and anxiety.  

Why support our program?


The Mental Health Commission of Canada states the following:

“Peer support programs can help alleviate some of the pressure on Canada’s strained healthcare system by reducing not only the need for hospitalization but also the emotional distress experienced by patients. They also help people develop the skills they need to take charge of their lives. Yet despite these benefits, peer support is still undervalued by the mental health community.”


“People can experience great improvements in their lives through relatively small investments in peer support, but growing and sustaining such initiatives requires adequate funding.”

For more information click on the link below to be forwarded to the MHCC’s report, “Making the Case for Peer Support”.

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