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Frequently Asked Questions

is driving foreward a sports program?

No.  Driving Foreward is a peer to peer program that has been developed by those working on the front-line with extensive knowledge and experience in the mindfulness and mental wellness field.

Is this a treatment program for mental health matters?

No.  Our clinics and workshops are NOT meant to replace professional treatment, but rather is designed to compliment such treatment.  Our team works to provide or strengthen a foundation of tools and resources that enhances mindset, resiliency and retention.

How are you using sports to support mental health and wellness?

As much as we wish that the stigma relating to mental health has disappeared, this is far from the truth.  We use golf as a tool to provide immediate and practical use of the mental health techniques that we teach in our program.  Participants, even the most skeptical, are able to see in real time the difference that these techniques can make and are more confident in transferring the skills learned into their day to day lives.

Here are other groups that use golf for more than a game (First Tee, PGA HOPE, etc).  We are very proud of the unique and specialized program that we deliver, and the impact that it has on our nation’s heroes.

how do i get a clinic near me?

If you would like a clinic in your area, simply reach out with the contact form above and we will connect with you and work to make it happen.

Driving foreward

A federally registered not-for-profit.
Based out of High Level, AB.

Proud partner of Paragolf Canada.

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