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Sgt (Ret'd) Sue Harvey

Sgt (Ret'd) Sue Harvey

Co-Founder/Brand Warrior/Lead Facilitator

There are few people that are not fascinated by Sue’s background and all she has done so far in her young life.  This mother of three is a veteran of the United States Army where she worked as an Apache Helicopter Repairer, as well as a retired police officer and Detachment Commander for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).  Anyone who has worked with her over the years would acknowledge that Sue just sees things differently and works best outside the box.  Whether it be developing a National campaign to raise awareness and prevent Human Trafficking, or working with youth to be their best selves, or co-founding a non-profit….Sue puts her heart into everything she does.

Like many first responders, Sue fell through the cracks of her organizations Health Services department, with her requests for help repeatedly ignored or dismissed.  Sue refused to continue to live in the darkness that was her PTSD and sought help from outside sources to battle through the storm and seek treatment.  Shortly after treatment, Sue began her journey to transition from a state of post traumatic stress, to post traumatic growth.  She completed her bachelor degree, as well as extensive training on the emotional, neurological and spiritual effects of trauma, which only strengthened her desire to help others.  Although the initial purpose was to help veterans and first responders, her studies opened her eyes to a whole new world of human potential leading to her founding the Tiger Performance Group, as well as Driving Foreward.

In addition to being a Master Mindfulness Practitioner, Certified Life Coach (REBT and CBT), Spiritual Life Coach and Meditation coach, Sue is currently pursuing her Master’s of Psychology at California Coast University with the goal of becoming a Registered Psychologist.   As Driving Foreward is a new concept to both those in the Mental Health world, and golf world, Sue has ensured that she has a knowledge base in both realms by completing her training as a Vision54 Supercoach and becoming an Associate Teaching Professional with the Canadian Golf Teacher Federation (CGTF).

Karen Campbell MSc, MTC, RCS CCTP, CLC

Karen Campbell MSc, MTC, RCS CCTP, CLC

Co-Founder, Director of Mental Health

Karen hails from the west coast, so far west, in fact, that you can see Alaska on a nice, crisp day. After completing her BA in Foundations of Counselling, Karen married her husband and headed off to Haida Gwaii.  Getting her start in on the Islands of Haida Gwaii as a counsellor was a challenge; an isolated island, small town living, and no fast food, the island did, however have one traffic light. She took on the role of Program Coordinator for the Children Who Witness Abuse program, expanded it into a Violence is Preventable project and spent four years living and learning with the Haida.  The call to head to northern Alberta came a over decade ago and off her family went with one infant in tow and not much else. They have lived in Alberta for over a decade and her family consists of one husband, two crazy children, two attitude-heavy cats, a dog that thinks it’s human. 


Her experience has been in Family Violence, Emotional Trauma, and Relationship Counselling; anything that deals with human relationships. She has worked in a myriad of programs, a Teen Centre, Social Service centers, Mental Health with AHS, the RCMP and owns her own private practice. Karen currently holds the tiles of Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Certified Life Coach and Counselling Supervisor. Karen completed her Master’s Degree, which was a lifelong dream to accomplish. Daring to dream she started her Doctorate. Having taken this degree online while working full-time and raising a family, Karen knows the unique challenges of managing life and family.  We are very grateful to have such an amazing role-model on our team.

Regional Facilitators

Jennifer Jackson, ACC TICC

Jennifer Jackson, ACC TICC

Associate Facilitator-Central Alberta

Jennifer served for 25 years in law enforcement before becoming an ICF Certified Life Coach and Certified Trauma Informed Coach.  With her experience comes a personal understanding of the administrative and operational side of policing along with the toll the job can take on oneself.

Throughout her policing career, Jennifer’s emphasis was on leadership where her personal values and passions were truly being fulfilled when she was helping develop, coach and mentor employees.

Jennifer truly believes that finding balance within our careers, our personal lives and mental well-being is a journey.  She has felt the impacts of repeated trauma exposure in her life, but with years of hard work, perseverance and some stubbornness, Jennifer has found her path to healing.  It’s one that has led her to trauma informed coaching where she able to serve and help others in a unique way through coaching, a valuable tool that wasn’t available to her when she needed it.

Jennifer has experience coaching and consulting first responders with a myriad of topics including career development, finding balance or motivation in life, proactively enhancing your overall well-being, and trauma recovery.  Clients not only experience positive change with their desired goals, but the benefits often reach much further than anticipated with impacts being felt through multiple areas of one’s life.

Jennifer comes from a place of understanding and provides a safe space to respect your past, honour your present, and break free of the status quo to transform your future.

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